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Automatic Styles Easy to Use

Just change a parameter and the style of a section / entire page will automatically adapt:

Two major look & feels:

for MacOS & iOS enthusiasts
for Material Design lovers

The Background of a Section:

White Black Light Dark Grey

The Colors of all Buttons and Links from a Web Page:

Red Cyan Orange Green Pink Blue
Full Height Container Rendering

2 Look & Feels available

  • Stylish for MacOS & iOS enthusiasts
  • Professional for Material Design & Android lovers

Apply an overall look and feel to any page of your website. This will influence shapes and fonts throughout the webpage.

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Intro Sections

See examples

We've built the same page in the two available look and feel options. This way it's easier to get a better understanding of each.

Large image left description
Choose the Section that fits best
Try out from a variety of Sections available.
Switch between light and dark modes
White, black, and some more in between.
Image sizes can improve balance
Set a more emotional tone by choosing Sections with larger or smaller images.
Typography and negative space

Design harmony & balance

Image description


It sets the mood and establishes hierarchy. Typography is as important as colors as it helps attract and sets your medium of communication.

Negative space

Enhances hierarchy and highlights groups and blocks. And your visitors can easily scan your page.


Your website should have enough room so it doesn't feel cluttered, while helping your visitors focus on the core content.