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Converting HTMl Landing Page

Designed with conversion in mind

A HTML template build to create high converting landing pages for your products or services

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Over 10 years of experience in User Experience, Research & Product Design

Build by experts based on the best conversion practices

Basic8 HTML template was built by experts in UX & conversion optimization from scratch using the best practices in design for conversion rate optimization. The team that designed the conversion optimizations behind the Basic8 template has over 10 years of experience in user research, conversion funnel optimization and product design for both B2C and B2B. Therefore, the first step in designing this template, much before making it to look beautiful, was to design it for building a high converting landing page. 1

Learn more below about just few of the Basic8 features aiming to support your conversion goals and strategy.

Best Conversion Practices
Minimalist design that emphasizes call-to-actions

Using white space to emphasize CTAs

Effective Call-To-Actions
A minimalist design
approach that relies on heavy use of white spaces around key messages, images or call to action.
Effective & esthetical at the same time
Beside the esthetical goal, this will help to direct the attention of your visitors to your key messages or call-to-actions
Easily build an effective landing page with predefined sections.

Predefined conversion-boosting sections ready to be used

Converting Hero Sections

Hero Sections
Use the predefined hero sections to create a converting focus point at a begining of your landing page.

Social Proof

Testimonials & Social Proof sections
Support your product or services with endorsements and social proof by adapting these sections.

Benefit Sections

Features & Benefits Sections
Plus many more predefined sections designed to increase conversion. Check out all sections for more examples!

Automatically apply styles & colors

Color and contrast aiming to increase conversion

Some of the best converting landing pages rely also on contrast for clarity. The use of contrast could help you to accentuate key actions, features or benefits, and ultimately to drive leads. As you can see from the provided example templates, Basic8 template achieves this formidably well. Learn more in the style guide about how easy it is to automatically style the contrast of sections of a landing page.

Aply colors and contrast to drive leads

Intelligent conversion driven navigation

Simple and easy to use, yet all-around versatile in usability

The Basic8 website navigation automatically accentuates your key call-to-actions by removing potential distractions on scroll. It does this by collapsing the navigation menu under a hamburger menu, while increasing the focus to your call-to-actions. Learn more about the navigation.

Conversion Navigation Design

Predefined call-to-actions easy to use

Such as this section, that can be automatically adapted to various styles and colors.

Videos are powerful convertors

Superbly looking video sections

It is a well-known practice that the usage of a video on a landing page could increase sales and conversions tremendously. Showing your product, application, or service in action on your landing page could greatly contribute to driving leads. Therefore, in addition to a wide number of predefined HTML sections, the template also contains predefined video sections. The examples presented include carefully designed video sections, including examples on how to embed a YouTube, Vimeo, or a self-hosted video.

Learn more
Drive leads with videos
Driving leads conversion
Build a landing page that urges action

Clean & uncluttered designs. Avoid analysis paralysis

Nobody likes to be bombarded with a lot of information, flyouts, buttons, links, call-to-actions, or lots of menus. We all experienced the annoyance of wasting time while searching for the desired information. Therefore, from inception, the Basic8 layout and its individual sections were designed to not overwhelm visitors. Instead, they will help you to create an effective landing page, that encourages visitors to take action. See this by yourself by visiting Basic8 sections or templates.

More converting features

based on best conversion practices

Subtle breadcrumb

Provide context to user, an easy access to relevant information, and prevent them to get lost while navigating through your website pages.

Easy to scan and understand

A high converting landing page should allow visitors to easily scan the content and to understand the key information at a glance. The Basic8 sections does exactly this as you could see here.

Make your message clear

Our simplified and minimalist approach will help you to make your message clear. Most of our sections have dedicated areas where you can specify a clear and concise message.

Support claims with descriptions

If you want to support better your claims or to dissipate visitor fears, you could easily provide a subtle additional description for key headlines or call-to-actions.

Use of large & clear headlines

Use the provided predefined placeholders to replace them with your own high-converting headline that should be relatively short, easy to be understood and crystal clear.

Uncluttered user interface

Simplicity by design was a key principle embedded in the architecture of the Basic8 template. Check out the example templates to see this in practice.

Call-to-Actions best practices

Predefined CTAs designed based on best conversion practices. Thus, ensuring that the buttons stand out, that there is enough space and high contrast around the buttons.

An image speaks a thousand words

The template is using large headers and it allocates large space for large cinematic imagery. This will help you to create a visually striking landing page.

Lightweight & blazing fast!

Conversion best practices outline that fast-landing pages convert better. Click here to learn about how fast our template is.

Key actions above the fold

Keep your crucial call-to-actions above the fold by using the intelligent auto-sticky navigation design, or the carefully designed full-height.

Visual consistency & predictability

The consistent look & feel, together with predefined spacing, will allow you to keep a visual consistency across your web pages creating a predictable experience for your visitors.

Build trust with an outstanding design!

Not one, but two styles are available, each of them designed to build trust. See the differences between these two high quality styles (professional and stylish) in the style guide.