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Lightweight & Blazing Fast

No bloatware. No jQuery. No JS frameworks. No strange & heavy grid systems. Simple & clean.

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Lightweight & Fast

Designed to load fast. Blazing fast!

An example Basic8 boilerplate website template (including html, css and js file) could fit in1:

  • Under 89kB (all HTML, CSS and JS combined)
  • Under 17kB (gzipped and minified)

The entire Basic8 JavaScript weighs below 399 bytes (gzipped)1.

Check out the facts

Google PageSpeed score: 100%2
GTmetrix Grade: A Grade - 100% Performance3

Blazing fast HTML5 template

No bloatware

  • No jQuery.
  • No third party scripts.
  • No JS frameworks.
  • No complex grid systems.
  • Easy to adapt by newbies or devs.
HTML5 template clean code

Clean HTML5 template

  • W3C valid XHTML template4 check it now

  • Clear comments delimit each section
  • No in-line or !important CSS
  • Colors & core styles extracted in customize.css
  • Simple to use
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All Basic8 templates are

SEO ready

Blazing fast by design

As you probably know the speed and loading time it is a critical factor in how a webpage it is ranked in search engines. This is why Basic8 Website HTML Template it is one of the fastest templates out there, with outstanding scores in both Google PageSpeed score and GTmetrix grade. Learn more

Simple layout for humans and robots

Each Basic8 section was carefully design considering key usability fundamentals and rendering simplicity.

Mobile & Retina Optimized

From inception we created Basic8 websitetemplate so that it will look & render beautifully on mobile devices, thus supporting another key aspect within SEO ranking.

Support for SVG icons

In order to accelerate the loading speed, we also implemented support for SVG based icons. We tested various approaches (such as Font Awesome icons), and we identified SVG based icons as the best approach from all tested scenarios. Thus, we provide simple examples on using SVG icons in our template.

No headache metatags

All Basic8 website templates include predefined metatags already simplified and ready for you to customize.

Many more SEO & Conversion optimization

Click here to learn about many more optimizations that make Basic8 an ideal SEO and conversion optimized HTML5 website template.