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SEO friendly website

Designed for SEO friendly webpages

Designed by SEO experts as one of the finest html templates to be used to build a SEO friendly website.

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Conversion Features
Lightweight & Fast

Designed to load fast. Blazing fast!

Blazing fast HTML5 template

Speed & loading time are critical factors for a SEO friendly html template. That's why the Basic8 template was designed to be fast. No bloatware, simple, blazing fast.

Check out the facts

Google PageSpeed score: 100%2
GTmetrix Grade: A Grade - 100% Performance3

Enhanced User Experience

Select a clean, simple to use HTML template designed by web professionals with over 10 years of experience in web & template design, User Experience or Search Engine Marketing & Optimization. Avoid amateurish website templates heavily bloated in UI and styles. While it might be tempting that some offer thousands of designs, templates and UI components, there's a big risk that the overall user experience will be sluggish. This could negatively impact the SEO KPIs of your web pages and ultimately your webpage ranking in search engines such as Google.

The UX experts behind the Basic8 template design, considered from scratch a clean and streamlined user experience, designed for humans, aiming to support SEO strategies such as low bounce rates. Our goal was to build a SEO friendly template that can adapt easily to your SEO strategy.

SEO strategy
Simple clean layouts

Simple layouts

Easy to read by both by humans and engines
  • Succinct and impactful headers
  • Subheadings designed for users that scan instead of reading
  • Easily convey messages with shorter paragraphs
  • Plenty of whitespace
  • Bullet points and lists instead of heavy text

Designed to support user engagement

Users could easily understand and navigate your information structure.

As a simple and easy to read layout, this template supports engagement and encourages users to spend more time on your website.

Desktop and mobile html template
Still looking perfect on Desktop

Mobile First & Retina

Designed for Mobile, Desktop, Tablet & High Pixel Density Retina Screens

  • There is a high probability that the mobile version of your website will be quite a critical factor in the success of your website. Not only that it might be crawled first by key engines such as Google, but it could impact the ranking score for your webpages.
  • In a world where mobile devices are used billions of users, it makes perfect sense to consider a webpage layout and template designed to render successfully on various mobile viewports and tablets.
Example metatags provided

Predefined metatag ready for you to adapt

  • Metatags are a key factor for a SEO optimized website, and it is important to get them right from the beginning
  • For your peace of mind, the template already includes examples of key metatags relevant for search engines optimization ready for you just to customize
  • Just replace various properties such as titles, descriptions, and keywords with your own
Metatags predefined
Predefined, optimized metatags

Twitter, Open Graph & Facebook sharing

Control the messaging when your pages are shared on Twitter or Facebook. Simply use or replace the predefined social sharing metatags already included in the template header.
Open Graph
bookmarking icons
Bookmarking icons & apple touch icons

Predefined metatags

Simply point to your icon files (such a favicon or apple-touch-icon) in the corresponding metatags from the header of your webpage.

Speed & fast rendering

SVG based inline icons

  • A SEO optimized template that allows you to use icons with a minimal impact on speed and loading. The SVG based icons approach aims to support a search engine friendly strategy by reducing the loading time of your webpages.
  • We explored various ways to include icons and symbols in the template. Following multiple alternatives, we decided to favor for most cases the use of SVG inline reusable symbols. In our internal tests this proved to be far faster comparing to the use of font-based icons (such as Font Awesome) or the use of image sprites (that have multiple icons collated in a large image). In order to embed and use your own SVG symbols you merely need to check in the template how we are doing this. It should be quite simple and straightforward to replicate our examples, assuming a minimal HTML and CSS knowledge.
svg based icons
It might sound a bit cliché, but... it's true

An image says one thousand words

Say more
Many of the available sections are designed to convey complex information through use of large imagery
Showcase your product
For example, you could easily present lots of information by simply including a screenshot in sections designed to support such a large image
Large image sections
doctype compliant html

A SEO template that is <!DOCTYPE html> compliant.

The template is based on <!DOCTYPE html> decoration for guiding compliant browsers on properly rendering the webpage.

When we initially started to build this template, we were aiming for XHTML Transitional doctype. Therefore, you will notice that many tags in the html code are coded to support XHTML. However, after further development we realized that it will be easier for most users if we go with a mainstream doctype compliance, so we changed it to <!DOCTYPE html>.

Even so, if you require an XHTML valid template, with minor adaptations you could transform Basic8 template into an XHTML template. Soon we'll provide an example template page optimized as an XHTML template (when available, this will be included in the commercial template pack).

Responsive images optimized for different display resolutions

Considering the increased usage of image search, it is important to optimize images for visual search and different viewports. Being able to deliver a different image for a different display resolution will improve the user experience and loading times in various scenarios. This ultimately contributes to the overall UX and SEO friendly strategy of your website.

In most sections that include images, the templates provide a versatile way of specifying dual versions for each image, using the srcset html property. This will allow modern browsers to automatically chose the bigger or smaller version based on the display resolution. For example, a larger image could be rendered wide retina screen.

responsive images optimized
delightful template
A SEO template designed to

deliver delightful web & mobile experiences

The overall architectural design of the Basic8 template was conceived to enable you to present your information in a delightful flow, section by section.

The UX experts that designed the template went far more than simply designing each section to be both web and mobile responsive. Each individual section was designed having in mind the best practices in UX and usability. And each of our team members has over 10 years of experience in design, usability and driving conversions.

It's all in the details

The footer was optimized for internal linking

The footer section was designed to support multiple internal links towards categories or individual pages from your website. This could act as a kind of a simple sitemap, guiding crawlers directly from your homepage to those relevant webpages that you want to be crawled faster.

Here's more about our footer design
optimized footer
image description
Blazing fast!

Speed & loading time it is a critical factor for a SEO friendly template.

Find out more about the speed of the Basic8 template and how to test it.

webpage conversions
SEO friendly it is not enough

A webpage must convert also

Ranking well in search engines and getting organic visitors from search engines is only the first part of the challenge when building a website. Then, you have to consider various conversion optimization techniques and best practices to convert your visitors into actual users or customers.

Basic8 was created by conversion specialists with over 10 years of experience. It was only natural for this template to be built from the start with conversion fundamentals and best practices in its core design.

Learn more about our converting template
Additional advice

Strategies for SEO friendly pages

Merely using our template won’t be enough to build a high-ranking web page.
We've put a lot of brain power in the design and coding of this template so that it could support your SEO strategy. But you will need to define and manage your own SEO strategy.

You will need to ensure the quality of your content.
In this context, you can find below a list of search engine optimization tips and tools. These will help you along with your efforts to build a SEO friendly webpage, without the need of hiring a SEO marketing agency or a specialist:


Use heatmap tools (such as Crazy Egg) once your webpage is online. They'll help you understand where your users clicked on your webpage and, as a result, will help you review the effectiveness of your content and CTAs (Call-To-Actions).


Learn about users' engagement using page navigation path analytics. For example, Google Analytics could help you understand how your visitors navigate your website.

Scroll maps

Use scroll maps to learn about your users' interest and engagement by understanding how far they've scrolled on your pages.


A/B testing

Experiment with A/B testing by using a tools such as Optimizely or Google Optimize